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No botox?

Ok listen up. I know I've been quite for a couple of weeks days but never mind, I'm here and I'm back and I still love you ...


A little video on the subject love and relationships for Valentines Day, and all the other days as well. This Video is made by ...


Things I want to wear right now

Hunky Dory biker jacket Odd Molly blouse Prada sunglasses Decadent bag Things I want to wear right now. Hey winter, ...

Eliseness softness music

Professional music appreciators

My interest for music is equal to my interest in clothes and beauty. As a kid I was raised with music all around me. My mother used to sing to me and my father was playing at the Hammond organ and writing concert reviews for the local newspaper. My parents early gave me an interest for classical music ...


Crazy volume

If it's something I suck at, I mean really reaaaally suck at, it's backcombing. Seriously how difficult could it possibly be? Well equal to rocket science if you ask me. And yes, I do own every tool possible to help ease the project but still no. I can't do it. That's why I hesitated a bit about my ...

Fake it til you make it.

A few days ago I was at the gym with some ladies doing our ordinary workout. Lifting weights and stuff like that. All suddenly one of the girls was doing headstand and other 100% difficult yoga poses. I was like. Uhm aha? Well checkout ma cocktail pose aight! Well. No, I wasn't. Because I saw this ...



Cool. Gorgeous. Awesome. Girlcrush. Banks. Listen. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.